A LESBIAN BELLE TELLS A New Memoir by Storyteller Elizabeth McCain

Settle back for a wild ride through a Southern lesbian's life of soul-searching, rule-breaking, and truth telling. This belle's kind of coming out was not what her traditional Mississippi family expected. How does she recover from family estrangement in the midst of her career as a psychotherapist? How does she find lasting love and a family-of-choice? From her last boyfriend suggesting she become a lesbian, to coming out to the church ladies at her mama's funeral, these true stories will open your heart, give you hope, and make you laugh out loud. 

Based on Elizabeth McCain's award-winning one-woman play, A Lesbian Belle Tells, this memoir provides story medicine for your soul. It is filled with Southern charm and drama, as well as triumph over tragedy, as only a lesbian belle can tell. 


Curve Magazine's Editor In Chief, Merryn Johns, Interviews Elizabeth About Her New Memoir.  Enjoy this fabulous online chat with the Author.  

About the Author / Storyteller

Elizabeth McCain believes that story matters – how we tell our stories, how we live our stories, and how we make meaning about our stories really matters.  Originally from Mississippi, she is a transformational storyteller, story coach, spiritual counselor, and ordained interfaith minister. Her award-winning play, A Lesbian Belle Tells has entertained and inspired many folks from all walks of life. She lives in the Washington, DC area with her spouse and their two dogs. 

Book Reviews

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"Elizabeth's entertaining way of brewing poignancy and hope from difficult and lighthearted stories with Southern eccentricities offers each of us some hard-earned and life-giving messages. What this lesbian belle tells are universal truths that resonate with all of us. Her themes of love and belonging shine brightly as she invites us all to weave our own stories toward wholeness." - Karole Sessums, Author, The Kenya Connection: It's a God Thing. Backyards & Beyond: Mississippians & Their Stories. 

“You don’t have to be from the South, or a lesbian, to be immediately drawn in to A Lesbian Belle Tells. The eccentricities, humor, and warmth of characters in Elizabeth’s life, as well as her journey of becoming her best self, won’t let you go. Bittersweet, funny, and hopeful, it is a ‘Steel Magnolias’ for the new decade.” - Tim Gillham, Artistic Director, New Wave Singers of Baltimore, John Knapp, Former Artistic Director, Richmond Triangle Players

“Elizabeth McCain has written a memoir of moments, tracing her journey from naive and intelligent Southern belle to a passionately spiritual and witty lesbian, still connected to her Southern roots. She is a sophisticated lesbian storyteller with a knack for capturing the transgressive and touching encounters of coming out, falling in love, and claiming her place in the world. Sharing and celebrating the power of story is her calling, and we are all the better for that!” - Carol Burbank, PhD, Storyweaving Coach, Author of Playbook One: Answer the Call to Adventure

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